Our Company

 YOUSEF REDHA GROUP (YR), was founded by Mr. Yusef Reza. Since its inception, YR has been a leading Dokha Tobacco producer under the brand name YOUSEF REDHA. Having its cliental spread over Local market in the UAE & International markets.

Mr. Yousef is a tobacco expert, having an experience of more than three decades in the industry.

He found that Dokha as pure additive-free tobacco and is cultivated in an Natural environment standards. Inspired by his belief that additives in tobacco or in cigarette are harmful, he decided to introduce pure additive-free tobacco idea to the market. For this purpose, he also introduced a totally unique handmade Pipe and called it “Medwakh”.


Unlike most tobaccos in the market Dokha is not fire cured and cut, it is uniquely manufacture by drying the tobacco leaves in the arid desert region where it is originally grown & nurtured. To preserve the original contents of the tobacco’s strength, freshness and pure flavor it is finely grounded at the appropriate time in a delicate manner. The highest level of quality control and testing is undertaken into each and every step of production of the Dokha.

After dedicated research to reach the finest formula, he launched dokha in UAE market. Initially it was only sold across tobacco stores and traditional supermarkets. Soon Dokha & Medwakh became popular and were in demand across GCC region which lead to registration of the Brand YOUSEF REDAH. Soon the first store of YR was opened in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi followed by Dubai and Al Ain.

YOUSEF REDHA is committed to the maintenance of quality, standards, freshness and pure flavor of the products. With continuous focus on improving our strength, innovation, inventing new products, and surpassing customer expectation.